Home Blueberries The Oxbo 930 is a tow behind berry harvester that boasts many of the features of a self-propelled harvester. The 930 has a full sized picking tunnel to handle both large and small plants and features a single drop system to deliver the highest quality fruit. Requiring a 30hp tractor with 540 rpm […]


Home Coffee For decades, Brazilian growers have depended on the reliability and durability of Oxbo coffee harvesters. The new Oxbo 9240+ was designed to handle the full life of your coffee plants—from young trees to mature plantings—one harvester can handle all your coffee. The new, lower profile design transitions young, flexible branches into the picking system without sacrificing the throat or tunnel width […]


Home Raspberries The Oxbo 9140 was designed to harvest the highest quality raspberries and features Oxbo’s push-pull cleaning system to thoroughly remove debris. The 9140 features ample on-board storage for full and empty raspberry flats while the three-wheel design is maneuverable in the field. The 9140 can be containerized for international shipping. The 9140 is […]


Home Blueberries The Oxbo 8140 Blueberry harvester was added to the Oxbo berry harvester line after extensive research and grower input. With a single drop fruit delivery system, the 8140 features a wide picking tunnel to accommodate larger plants, a 4-wheel drive platform to tackle tough, muddy field conditions, and longer catchers to handle wider […]


Home Blueberries The Oxbo 8040 single drop blueberry harvester gently conveys the fruit through a cleaning system to the back of the machine where it is placed into a lug or tote. The open harvester design provides the driver excellent visibility. For softer field conditions, Oxbo offers an optional high-flotation tire to power the machine […]


Home Blueberries Raspberries The 7440 is the next generation in top-load berry harvesters designed to handle high fruit volume while still delivering high-quality fruit. The flexible Oxbo 7440 can harvest many crops, including blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. The 7440 gives growers the most choice in customization with the Orbirotor, Dynarotor and DynarotorPlus picking systems and […]


Home Olives The Oxbo 6430 super high density olive harvester features a tall, wide tunnel to accommodate the largest tree sizes. The 6430 can also efficiently harvest grapes and super high density almonds and other SHD crops, making it a versatile harvesting platform. The 6430 can be customized to fit a wide range of field […]


Home Grapes The new Oxbo 640 Multi-Row sprayer is compatible with the Oxbo 6030 vineyard power unit. With the ability to install or remove from the power unit in under 30 minutes, the 640 delivers new technology and efficiency to the vineyard. The Oxbo 640 features a 625 or 900 gallon product tank and a […]


Home Grapes The Oxbo 6230 grape harvester features an efficient, effective trunk shaking picking head. The 6230 can accommodate a full range of trellis configurations with either a trunk shaker or the forced-balance canopy shaking head. It consistently delivers faster harvesting speeds and cleaner fruit quality.This 6230 trunk shaker can handle steep, challenging terrains while […]


Home Grapes The 620 is a tow behind grape harvester capable of harvesting a wide range of trellising. High capacity, capable of hill climbing, high quality fruit and available with integrated technology, the 620 can be customized to fit a wide range of vineyards. Features & Advantage Bow Rod Shaking System Easy access to all […]