Home The Oxbo AT4103 is the most flexible high flotation chassis and gives you more choice in how you apply fertilizer and other nutrients. The AT4103 can accommodate New Leader Precision Applicators, Oxbo’s AccuAir system with its 72’ air boom, or Oxbo’s industry leading 2600-gallon 90’ AccuSpray system. The three-wheel chassis delivers exceptional driver comfort, […]


Home The big brother to the 7550 is our 7650 high clearance front boom sprayer. Boasting a 1600 gallon stainless tank the 7650 can get the big jobs done in your operation easily. Big capacity with 77″ crop clearance means versatility for you as well as less unproductive time filling. Standard equipment is the ultra-stable […]


Home Our 7550 Oxbo sprayer is the most versatile tool in your application arsenal. Our front-boom high-clearance sprayer is designed around your day in the field. You will immediately notice excellent visibility from the cab. You will also notice a clean well thought out plumbing design to ensure your jobs are done well. Our Walking […]