Home Peas GP1189 SELF-PROPELLED PEA HARVESTER KEY FEATURES CABIN The climate-controlled, Vista II Claas cabin with camera system allows excellent all-around visibility and operator comfort. The 12” touch-screen HVSt (Harvest Vision – touch) system is the next generation in easy-to-operate controls for the GP1189, give the operator full control over every key harvester function. THE […]


Home Peas EPD540E Self-propelled pea harvester KEY FEATURES CLAAS VISTA DRIVING CAB Improved operator comfort and all operating controls within reach PEA HARVEST HEAD New and improved picking head design CLAAS TRACKS NEW OPTION: Suspended front axle in combination with Claas tracks 735 mm EFFICIENT UNLOADING Onload peas while harvesting for more efficient in-field operation […]


Home Peas Oxbo is introducing the next generation in pea, lima bean, mukimame and garbanzo bean harvesters. The Oxbo 6170 pea combine provides improved cleaning with a more advanced threshing system and improved fuel economy with maximum horsepower. The decreased engine speed makes the 6170 the quietest high capacity pea harvester ever. Several new options […]