Home Nasiona kukurydzy Słodka kukurydza To replace a legend you must be transformational. The 8840 is transforming the Seed and Sweet Corn Harvesting industries. When the Engineering team set out to replace the 8435 we asked our customers and industry experts what we needed to focus on for the future: Minimize damage. Increase cleaning capacity […]


Home Nasiona kukurydzy Słodka kukurydza For four decades the 84 Series Oxbo harvesters have been the standard for large-scale seed and sweet corn operations. Oxbo continues to improve and refine this machine to make it the best investment for our customers. Flexibility in cleaning unit options allows you to tailor it to your operation. Powerful […]


Home Nasiona kukurydzy Słodka kukurydza The Oxbo 8520 draws on decades of experience to deliver seed corn producers a reliable, high capacity, versatile harvester with a large on-chassis dump box. The Oxbo 8520 has been designed for in-field productivity in both seed corn and sweet corn. Features & Advantage Latest Technology – YIELDTrakk GPS mapping […]


Home Nasiona kukurydzy Słodka kukurydza Designed for the Brazilian market, the Oxbo 5175 seed corn destasseler delivers the ability to quickly, accurately detassel your crop all while rid SoftTouch Technology is at the heart of our 60 Series Oxbo corn heads. Rubber gathering belts, beveled chromed stripper plates, and chromed tapered knife rolls are the […]


Home Nasiona kukurydzy Pasza Słodka kukurydza Zielona fasola The Oxbo 35 series dump carts deliver unprecedented durability and increased flexibility in their design. Made to reliably cycle thousands of times, Oxbo dump carts load low and dump high-maximizing your product handling efficiencies while limiting post-harvest handling damage. With a wide range of options including various […]